Tips and Tricks for Stunning Watch Photos

Posted by : / On : 06-Aug-2020 / In : Swiss Watch Hunter

It’s the age of social media and people love flaunting everything, from their food to their outfits. You might have seen photos of vintage and luxury watches as well doing the rounds. Gone are the days when only the older people loved collecting watches. The times are changing and we often see young professionals having extravagant collections too. However, despite having a fine collection, some folks fail to capture the true beauty of their watch. While it is actually tough to photograph watches, here are some tips and tricks which will help you do the job perfectly:

Make sure to clean thoroughly:

Always remember that no matter how great your photography skills, the shot won’t come out good if your watch isn’t clean. You can make use of a dry lint-free cloth or microfiber one to do the same. There are some edges too small to teach, which is where your cotton buds will come in use. For the space between the case and strap, use a paintbrush. It may be quite laborious but it will definitely be worth it.

Set the stage:

While a wristwatch is very common, you can also go for other settings too. You need to set the stage for your shot accordingly. The classic remains a wood or granite background, essentially something textured. Other than that, you can choose the setting as per the theme of your watch. For instance, a vintage watch will look good with some antiques in the background. Similarly, aviation watches will look in an outdoor setting.

Control the lights:

Natural lighting is a good option and can produce some beautiful shots, but it is nonetheless quite hard. You might end up with too bright photos so it is important to control the lights. Use white cards or bounce boards to create an effect. If you’re doing an indoor shoot, uses LED lights and try to create diffused lighting. Make sure the details of the watch are visible easily.

The position is key:

Due to the glass surface, it often happens you get a lot of photos with too much glare. While the setting, background all may seem perfect, glare can ruin your shot. Try to find ways to reduce the glare. You can do so by positioning the watch accordingly. Try moving the angle of the watch around. Another important point is to avoid any reflections in the shot of you or the camera.

Focus, focus, focus:

All the above tips will be of no use if you do not set the focus straight. The focus has to be on your watch and not the background or anything else. If you’re taking a close-up shot of the watch, it will be easy to shift focus on it. However, when there are other accessories or props involved, you need to make sure to set the focus manually. Not only that, the focus should be such that the intricacies of your watch are clearly visible.

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