These Watch Materials Will Leave you Surprised

Posted by : / On : 06-Aug-2020 / In : Swiss Watch Hunter

Watch companies have had quite a journey from traditional times to today’s modern world. A stainless steel watch is a common sight and pretty normal too. But, as the times are advancing, so are the watch manufacturers. Some of them have gone on to include quite odd materials in their watches which surely surprised many. Would you believe us if we told you that a watch made out of cheese exists? You have no other option because it does. The watchmakers are now experimenting with a variety of materials, from bizarre to unique. Nonetheless, the results have definitely managed to gain a lot of attention. So, here’s a list of odd watch materials which even the best of watch enthusiasts were unaware of.


It’s one thing to wear denim jeans or even jackets, but Hublot decided to incorporate this material into their watch. You might be thinking that a denim strap is fine and not that startling. Behold because surprisingly, the makers did not just stop there, in fact, the Swiss luxury watchmaker even made the dial out of denim material. The model is known as Hublot Big Bang Jeans with a pretty macho look that stands out.

Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

As it is Louis Moinet is a brand that enjoys the reputation of creating remarkably unique designs in their dials. But this time, the Swiss watch brand merged dinosaur bones and watches together. The model named Jurassic Tourbillon consists of dinosaur bones which are nearly 150 million years old. The watch is hand-crafted so that the coffee color and veining are conserved. The strap of the watch features stingray parts.


While it may sound weird at first, the outcome of this material is absolutely beautiful. The watch named Premier Feathers showcases the art of feather marquetry at its finest. This jewelry watch has been handcrafted by the finest Master plumassier, Nelly Saunier. Each feather requires hours to be cut, shaped and positioned to perfection in the variations of these watches. The feathers are taken from Lady Amherst and pheasants and peacocks.

Cigar Leaves

The watched named H1 Cigar by HYT features cigar leaves which add to this timepiece’s beauty. This revolutionary watchmaker is known for its out-of-the-box designs and they do not disappoint with this one. It consists of Rodolfo Vitola cigar leaves with the help of an advanced resin that is the brand’s specialty.


Yes, we were not bluffing when we said a watch has been made out of cheese as well. H. Moser & Cie. is behind this unique watch which named it the Swiss Mad Watch. The Swiss luxury watchmaker released this watch in 2017. The most interesting part is that the case of the watch is composed of composite material itr3 and Swiss cheese. You’d be surprised to know that this watch got sold off at an auction by Christie’s. All the proceeds were then donated to a foundation.