Amazing Unknown Facts About Rolex

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Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex is a name that requires no introduction. Almost everyone knows about the renowned watchmaking company. Their watches are famous worldwide for bringing premium quality to the table along with accurate timekeeping. While the company enjoys quite a great reputation, there are a number of things which are still unknown to many people. So, we bring to you some unknown facts about Rolex that will leave you amazed for sure.

All Rolex Watches Are Photographed At 10 And 2 Position

What some may refer to as the official Rolex time, the position of the hands in almost every watch of Rolex is at 10 and 2 positions while being photographed. These watches have the same time of 10:10:31 because it enhances the aesthetic of the watch. How so? This position of the hands frames the logo of the company perfectly in the photograph. Similarly, the date will always be the same as Monday the 28th.

Only Rolex Uses 904L steel

This is the most expensive stainless steel in the whole world which is completely exclusive to the Swiss watchmaker. The other high-end brands make use of 316L steel while Rolex uses 904L. It is so because 904L is more resistant to rust and corrosion. Before 2003, even Rolex used 316L, but they chose to scrap this material and experiment with 904L. It contains a greater level of nickel and retains the shine better even in the severest conditions.

Each Rolex Watch Takes Almost a Year As They Are Handmade

Rolex has rightfully earned its reputation as each watch is still handmade which takes almost up to a year. They are meticulously made with attention to detail in order to meet the standards of the company. Almost every material is made in-house and the parts are assembled by hand. This reflects the dedication of the company and truly justifies why watch aficionados sought this brand the most.

Rolex Has Severe Testing Procedures

All Rolex Watches go through a very strict testing procedure before making it to the market. The rigorous testing methods consist of sensitive air pressure chambers which are there to determine the air leaks in the case of the watch. The dive rated watches are tested through water-pressure tests to 300 meters of depth pressure. Similarly, the deep-sea diving watches are exposed to a pressure test of 12,000 meters. The condensation test is also done to detect any condensation in the watch.

Rolex Survived Mount Everest and Mariana Trench

The accuracy of this timepiece is well known all over the world. It has proved this fact by surviving the highs and the lows as well. It was worn to the top of Mount Everest in 1953 and the watch did not lose a second. Similarly, the watch was subjected to a pressure of 14,000 psi in an ocean at Mariana Trench where the US Navy went deep in 1960. Yet again, the watch continued to work without the loss of even a second.

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