Best Watch Accessories for Watch Collectors

Posted by : / On : 06-Aug-2020 / In : Swiss Watch Hunter

If you’re a watch collector who owns one watch or a collection of watches, chances are you already own some accessories for your watches. However, if not, you must get some straight away. It is not easy to maintain a luxury watch, you need to put in efforts to make sure it remains as good as new. There are a number of watch accessories in the market which make watch care and maintenance an easy job. These accessories are quite useful for people who are self-dependent when it comes to their timepieces. Here are the best watch accessories you must definitely own if you’re a watch collector.

1. Watch Cases

It is highly unlike that you buy a luxury timepiece and leave it lying around in the open. You need watch cases for that, and not just standard ones but ones which can protect your watch, whether you are travelling with them or leaving them in your drawer. A good leather watch case comes in various shapes, you can also get a roll if you like. Make sure to buy a reliable case with a good lining and cushions plus a secure lock for enhanced security for your prized possessions.

2. Spring Bar Tool

This is a must-buy for watch collectors. It is quite a practical tool allowing you to change the watchband of any standard watch with the utmost ease. There is a lot of variety in this product, so don’t make the mistake of going for the cheaper option. A true watch aficionado will never buy the cheapest for their high-end option. It is so because the quality matters so you do not end up with scratches on your cherished watch with a lousy tool.

3. Watch Winder

This tool is for people who do not wear their watches on a regular basis, a winder will prove to be quite useful for you. It will keep your automatic watch running so that the oils within keep dispersing properly. It is not only great for the durability of your watch but also offers great convenience. It saves you from the trouble of manually winding it every time you decide to wear it.

4. Plexiglass Polish

This an essential item for all the watch enthusiasts as it is a great polishing agent for watches. This polish is a reasonable and effective solution that helps you in getting rid of any kind of scratches from the acrylic glass of your watch. It is most suited for vintage collectors as most of the vintage watches come with a curved acrylic watch glass.

5. Magnifying Glass

It is not absolutely essential but passionate watch enthusiasts do own this tool. It comes in handy when you’re working on your watch, but more than that it helps you in assessing a watch you are planning to buy. The devil is in the details as they say, and this tool will help you recognize them. Some things so unnoticed to the naked eye, but this glass will help you make a more informed decision.

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