5 Watches with Unconventional Time Displays

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There are many types of watch collectors, some prefer the most expensive ones, while others prefer unique watches. However unique a watch might be, you know the time displays are usually very common in all of them. The majority of the watches have a dial with 3 hands and numbers written in a usual manner. However, what if we told you there are watches which have rather eccentric time displays. Yes, these watches show more than just time. While a lot of watches have their unique features, these make a different statement altogether. Guaranteed to confuse and make a few heads turn, have a look at these 5 timepieces with unconventional time displays from innovative watch brands:

1. Andersen Genève Montre à Tact


The speciality of these tactful watches is that they allow you to check the time without anyone noticing you. For instance, it is perfect for when you’re in a business meeting or with someone. You don’t have to turn your wrist, as there is a second time display between its lower pair of lungs. The discreet indicator runs simultaneously with a large display.

For more watch collection: http://andersen-geneve.ch/montre-a-tact/

2. Jacob & Co. Quenttin

Jacob & Co. Quenttin

This watch is the first-ever to be made with a 31-day power reserve and a 1-minute vertical tourbillon. Jacob & Co. made their debut in the world of horology with the Quenttin. It is also said to be one of the most technical watches having an innovative movement. The positioning of the wheels makes the display look similar to that of the gearbox of a car.

For more watch collection: https://www.jacobandco.com/timepieces/quenttin-tourbillon

3. Christophe Claret X-Trem-1


Christophe Claret labels it as an ‘extreme watch’ and it rightfully justifies this title. The X-Trem-1 consists of 2 spherules which look like they’re floating in their tubes. The clever trick they have used is that the metal balls follow the raised magnets. It is available in damascene steel only and offers quite the aesthetic to any wrist.

For more watch collection: https://www.christopheclaret.com/en/collection-extreme-watches-x-trem-1-c7-p11.php

4. Hublot MP05 LaFerrari


Hublot has installed rotating drums inside the MP05 LaFerrari. The eccentric indicator comes with a vertical tourbillon plus 11 barrels which are aligned vertically for 50 days of power reserve. You read that right, 50 days! This marathon runner uses a screwdriver which is powered by battery, to wind it. Moreover, it is also available in Sapphire version.

For more watch collection: https://www.hublot.com/en/collection/mp/mp-05-laferrari-all-black

5. Valerii Danevych’s Wooden Tourbillon


In addition to having an unconventional time display, almost this entire watch is made out of wood. Valerii Danevych is a professional woodworker who claims to have spent 1,800 hours for over 7 months to create this masterpiece. The watch is created using 8 different types of wood which makes it weigh 32 grams. It reminds you of The Flintstones cartoon with its wooden look.

Everyone owns watches with round or square dials having three hands, but these watches offer you more than that. With no compromise in the accuracy, it is refreshing to see such out-of-the-box designs executed so perfectly in the watchmaking industry.

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