5 Insta Accounts Every Horophile Must Follow

Posted by : / On : 06-Aug-2020 / In : Swiss Watch Hunter

It is fair to say that watch-collecting hobby was earlier limited to old men mostly, but it has now found its way with the present generation. A lot of young men and women are into this hobby and are rightfully called Horophiles. It was not easy to get a glimpse of the most luxurious watches, but social media happened, and boom! The watch collectors got a platform to showcase their love and the watch enthusiasts got an opportunity to have a look at their favourite watches up close. The photo-sharing platform of Instagram is a paradise for horophiles seeking inspiration for their next pick. We have curated a list of top five Instagram accounts you must follow to get a daily dose of stunning timepieces:

Anish Bhatt (@watchanish)


Having a massive following of 1.7 million on Instagram, you must follow this account. Anish Bhatt is the genius behind Watch Anish that is an online luxury lifestyle publication. It is based in London and presents high-end watches in the most stylish and luxurious ways. Anish also does reviews of several watches and seamlessly mixes his extravagant lifestyle with his love for luxurious watches.

Austen Chu (@horoloupe)


Horoloupe has got a very immaculate Instagram feed with all his photos being close-up shots of the most luxurious watches. Austen Chu is the owner of this page and is an ardent watch collector hailing from Shanghai, China. The sleek pictures of the most stunning timepieces highlight their distinctive features. The spectacular angles of his shots are very pleasing to the eye and make up for quite a sleek feed.

Richard Erlich @pbandwatches


This is easily one of the most creative Instagram accounts. The photographer, Richard Erlich, adds colour and beautiful elements to his watch shots. You might have often seen just wrist shots or with plain backgrounds, but he does something very unique. The lighting is perfect in almost every shot and the additional elements he incorporates just add to the beauty of the watches.

Greg Blumenfeld (@leguidedesmontres)


This account is for people looking to get the best deals on their favourite watches. Greg is a French watch dealer who posts very useful information on his account. Based in Paris, this account has also got a website that gives you information like the average price of the watches in the second-hand market plus the retail prices. Get on his page for videos consisting of interviews and content with the insiders and renowned names.

Atom Moore @atommoore


You must follow Atom, the art director of AnalogShift. This watch photographer’s Instagram feed is pure art. It is highly likely that you’re already familiar with the name. He is a renowned photographer in the industry and you get access to unique detailed shots of all kinds of watches, new and vintage. The most important point is how he focuses on the key features of the watches through his perfect photography.

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